Automated System of Construction

The Automated System turns the galvanized steel into structural profiles (walls, floors and ceilings). Integrated Automated solution of high Technology that simplifies the construction, reducing the costs and diminishing the time of execution in 50 %.


Promix Steel

PROMIX STEEL PROMIX STEEL is an " Automated Hybrid System of Construction " integrated by several technologies that allow the production of prefabricated panels in a fast and effective manner.


Construction Process

  • Steel Coils
  • Transform them into components
  • Assemble them in Panels
  • Form Structures with Panels
  • Different types of coatings
  • Finished house

Residences and TownHouse Offices, Hotels and Restaurants

    The Promix Steel Solution includes the Structural Engineering, the Technology, the Manufacturing process, and the Installation Methods.

  • Design and engineering of structures in 3D
  • Production and assembly in factory
  • Fast construction